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Do you have or know a child that would like to be a part of the Juneteenth Pageant?

The deadline is to register is 6/5/24


This is a fun and exciting way to represent the annual Juneteenth celebration citywide and educate the community on the importance of the event to our community as the whole and the important role it plays in black history

Age Groups

Ages 5-7

Ages 8-10

Ages 11-13

This year's Juneteenth Pageant will focus on children in Elementary School and Middle School. We are looking for children to be Ambassadors for the Juneteenth pageant. Each winner will receive a title, sash, and crown/tiara to keep for the year. We want each winner to either represent at their school or neighborhood and share why Juneteenth is important to them. During the year of their reign, they will be asked to attend at least one community council meeting to share the importance of Juneteenth with the community and legislators.


Get ready to hit the stage at Juneteenth on Saturday, June 15th at 2: 45 pm (please arrive at 2:20 pm)

This event is a natural co-ed pageant, participants are encouraged to BE THEM SELF!


Age Specific Groups May Be Asked on Stage.....


What does the word "freedom" mean to you? (this would be for the older age groups

What do you want to be when you grow up?

What does your future look like?


Winner based on Stage presence, personality, and crowd participation (question responses for older youth)


Prizes:  $100 for first place winners and they can receive  a "SASH" with the title of Juneteenth Ambassador Prince/Princess for 1 year (custom sash will come in the mail within 1-week post-pageant) 

All children get a certificate of participation


Children are encouraged to come dressed as there will not be outfit changes. Children should be dressed in an outfit that they feel brings out their unique personality.

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